Summer Reads for Moms ⭐️

By Lisa Swander for LT Swimwear Before I had children, I thought summer meant more time for reading. “Beach Reads” is an entire section at Barnes and Noble, after all. A woman reclining in a deck chair, immersed in a novel while her children splash blissfully nearby, seemed to my twenty-something mind the consummate image of any true vacation. Then I had kids and learned those were lies. For moms, summer means an endless loop of water supervision, snack requests, and refereeing grouchy siblings. If we’re lucky, we can sneak in a page or two before someone needs a Band-Aid,...

LT's Guide to Swimsuit Shopping

A few of our least favorite things…. Getting a root canal. Doing taxes. Tackling a mountain of laundry. Finding the mystery smell in your kid’s room. Jumping into a cold pool first thing in the morning...and maybe before today, Swimsuit shopping! We believe swimsuit shopping shouldn't have to be that way.  It should be a fun, enjoyable experience, like when you find your new favorite coffee drink! Here’s my top tips to make swimsuit shopping fun again. The 3 Fs: Flatter Fit Friend Let’s break it down: 1. Flatter your body. Look for styles that enhance your favorite feature. Love your long...

Modern Mom's Guide to Summer

Planning Summer is just around the corner. Here are our best tips to make this the best summer yet.

LT's Best Water Gear

Summer is just around the corner. The manic month of May will be here before you know it.

Handling timid swimmers like a boss!

Conversation with Maggie Mestrich talking about timid, fearful children around the water and why it's essential to get them into swim lessons.

How I shop for swimwear

I've been seeing the swimwear recommendations start to roll in on social. And I find myself critiquing ALL the swimwear I see.

Finding Swim Lessons

I get this question often.  And really, any time is a great time to find and start swim lessons.  

Quarantine Entrepreneur

"It's very difficult to launch a new collection during a Quarantine & Global pandemic."

A brief history of swimming

All my life I've lived in my swim suit.  We grew up swimming and would even sleep in our suits