Swim Tip Tuesday: how to handle timid swimmers like a boss!

Conversation with Maggie Mestrich from Carmel Swim Academy in Carmel, IN (northeast side of Indianapolis).  Maggie is the Director of Business Development for CSA which is part of the larger Carmel Swim Club organization, which is one of the most successful swim programs in the state of Indiana.  Check out the full video conversation on IGTV @LTSwims. We've talked before about fearLESS children and their need for swim lessons because you know for certain, if you're near water, they'll head straight for it!  However...the flip side of this is the fearFULL child.  Which makes pool parties a little bit easier...

How I shop for swimwear

I've been seeing the swimwear recommendations start to roll in on social.

Finding Swim Lessons

I get this question often.  And really, any time is a great time to find and start swim lessons.  

Quarantine Entrepreneur

"It's very difficult to launch a new collection during a Quarantine & Global pandemic."

A brief history of swimming

All my life I've lived in my swim suit.  We grew up swimming and would even sleep in our suits