Our 3 Favorite Ways to Store Swimwear

You pulled out all your suits for Spring Break, grabbed the first few you could pull together, stuffed the rest back in the bin and you were ready for your trip!  Now that you're back, it's time to start taking a quick inventory of those suits from last season, or last last season...or maybe even longer than that!   We've pulled together our favorite 3 ways for you to store your swimwear this season so it's easy to access, in great shape and ready when you need it! 1.  Hanging in the closet If you have enough space, this really is...

LT Travel Destination #4: Turks & Caicos

Have you heard of Jojo the dolphin? He’s an official national treasure known for voluntarily interacting with visitors around Grace Bay Beach. Just one of the many reasons to visit our last LT Travel Destination - Turks and Caicos!

LT Swimwear Travel Destination #3: The nearest lake

LT women are on the move.  From exciting cities like Charleston, SC to lush paradise islands like Maui and Kauai, your adventures take you coast to coast. We love to see our strong, confident and beautiful women enjoying life and travel with swimsuits made to match. But you don’t have to cash in your frequent flyer miles to enjoy the water. No matter where you live, there’s a lake nearby where you can enjoy watersports and recharge from your busy life.  Here’s a few of our favorite local lakes: “The suits make me feel very comfortable to wear around family...

LT Swimwear Travel Destination #2: Hawaii

Did you know you can mail a coconut from Hawaii?

LT Swimwear Travel Destination #1: Charleston

Where else can you find incredible restaurants, charming architecture, historic walks, plentiful beaches and a bustling art scene? Look no further than Charleston, SC. 

It's Spring Break Season!

We all have our favorite moments throughout the year. Maybe you’re obsessed with the energy and excitement around the holidays. 

What's not to LOVE?


Food is Fuel!

Food is fuel, and if utilized properly, it can be a powerful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Fitness is NEAT

Have you heard about this concept of N.E.A.T.?  Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - basically how your body uses energy during any activity that isn’t a workout, eating or sleeping.