LT's Guide to Swimsuit Shopping

A few of our least favorite things….

Getting a root canal. Doing taxes. Tackling a mountain of laundry. Finding the mystery smell in your kid’s room. Jumping into a cold pool first thing in the morning...and maybe before today, Swimsuit shopping!

We believe swimsuit shopping shouldn't have to be that way.  It should be a fun, enjoyable experience, like when you find your new favorite coffee drink!

Here’s my top tips to make swimsuit shopping fun again.

The 3 Fs:

  1. Flatter
  2. Fit
  3. Friend

Let’s break it down:

1. Flatter your body. Look for styles that enhance your favorite feature. Love your long legs? Look for high cut bottoms to show them off. Feeling good about your upper body? Try on interesting necklines to draw attention there.  

Be intentional about what you like about your body RIGHT NOW. That may mean that styles that you used to love don’t work anymore. This isn’t about changing your body. Its about embracing the one you have right now. 

2. Go for fit. Forget about the size or brand name. Buy a suit that fits your body well. If it doesn’t fit well dry, it won’t fit well wet. And no matter how much you love the fabric or color, it’ll stay in the closet if the fit isn’t right. 

You want to make sure that the top fits snugly without pulling on your shoulders. Also make sure that the suit is pulled all the way up on your hips and the waist is pulled up over your belly button to elongate your legs.  

3. Bring a friend! Swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Grab a friend, preferably one with a sense of humor, for this adventure. Try on suits, grab a coffee, pick out options for each other. A friend’s perspective can help you see yourself in a new light - the strong, modern woman that you really are. And of course, if you don’t have an available friend, you can always reach out to us - send your photos or questions and we’d LOVE to be your wingman.

We design LT Swimwear specifically for modern moms. Here’s a few ways that you’ll see that in our suits. 


Want to talk through your body type and which style might be right for you? Schedule a custom fit session to hear which suits will work best for you! 

xo, LT

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