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A brief history of swimming

All my life I've lived in my swim suit.  We grew up swimming and would even sleep in our suits the night before a swim meet because we were so excited to race.  I'm more comfortable in my suit than in my clothes and have SO many suits from my days swimming in college, then living on the beach in LA, then starting Masters swimming as an adult, post-college.  I have suits up to my eyeballs.

And then I had kids... and for the first time in my adult life last year, I had to go swim suit shopping.  Ugh.  My kids are 4, 6, and 9 and it is a requirement that I swim in the pool.  Up until now, I've been mostly pregnant or postpardem and could get away with a maternity suit or my husband in the water at swim lessons or an old practice suit that was too tight.  And we lived in a place where summer was only 2.5 mos and I didn't really make a big deal of it.

Now, we live in the HOT south and swimming outside at the country club IS our summer activity that lasts for at least 6 mos.  A great fitting, functioning suit is a must.  So that's what I did - I set out to find a great suit for my fit, mama body.

The suit shopping experience was by far the worst experience in the world.  I went to ALL the 'ol suit places (online and in store pre-Covid) and even shopped in LA when we were there on vacation (not the smartest decision as I look back) and so many things weren't right.  The suits were expensive, the suits looked TERRIBLE on me, the styles were NOT flattering.  I walked away from this process so discouraged and found exactly ZERO suits that worked for me and what I need when I'm playing in the pool with my kids.  And I LIVED in suits for the majority of my life.  To simply say I was disappointed is an understatement.  I found myself saying '...this one would be right if it were just a little more like this...', '...if this were shaped like this, it'd be perfect.', and 'if that piece were like this, it'd work.'  At that moment, it was a realization that I SHOULD make my own.  I have ideas and have a clear direction of what I want, and IT'S NOT ON THE MARKET.  

So, if you're in the same boat, I hear you! I hope you'll try our suits and share with me what you're looking for.  I set off on this journey to create the perfect play suit for women who expect more out of their swimwear and for women who DESERVE more out of their swimwear.  I want to feel confident, feel secure, and feel like I can play for hours and hours in the pool with my kids...and this is just the beginning.



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