Sizing guide.  What size am I?

Finding the right size suit can be tough.  Here's our top tips for getting the best fit for your body!

  • Our suits are designed to fit snug, but comfortable. Waist and bum should be snug and shoulder straps shouldn't dig.  
  • When you first try your suit on, it will be more snug than you're likely used to.  That's a good thing, and it will relax a bit once it gets wet.  Make sure it's snug when it's dry so it's perfect when you get in the water.
  • The hip/leg opening should sit right on your hip bones.  For our one-piece suits, the placement of the leg opening on your hip will help the top fit like a shelf bra.  

Start with the size you typically expect to wear in your workout leggings and sports bras.  Our sizing is XS-XL and there is some wiggle room between sizes.

For long torsos, your regular size will likely be too tight on the shoulder straps.  Sometimes sizing up is a great recommendation, other times, it makes it too big in the middle.  Our one-piece suits fit a short or regular-length torso best.

And because we know sizing can sometimes be confusing and hard, so we're here to help!  Reach out to us at for a 1-on-1 consultation to get you the best fitting suit possible.  

We want you to be really happy with your suit, so we offer free shipping and free returns always so if at first your suit doesn't work, we'll work with you to get the right suit.