LT Swimwear began out of necessity and has blossomed into an act of love.  I've never *really* had to shop for swimwear for myself...until now.  I started out as a competitive swimmer and wore ALL the competitive brands' suits even during play time.  I don't ever remember having a play suit until high school!  And even then, I bought whatever I thought was fun and cool, with no regard for fit and it was usually just fine!

The time has come for me to be more thoughtful than ever in what I buy, wear, and use.  Since I couldn't find the suit I needed out in the world, this is my own creation of the perfect suit for being active, staying fit and lasting as long as I need it to last, wherever we decide to swim!  

With my roots as a competitive swimmer and growing up in a swimming family, I've worn a gazillion suits over the course of my lifetime and of course, I don't plan to stop anytime soon.  The bins and boxes of swimwear that I have are now a bit nostalgic for me - suits from my college competitive days at Auburn, tech suits (and bags, jackets, gear, equipment) from training for Olympic Trials in 2000 & 2004, from my beach bikini-wearing days in LA, to my days working at Speedo wearing their latest cool suits.  Sadly, all of these suits just don't meet my needs anymore.  Each was for a specific purpose and season in my life, and it's now time for this season of play and time with my kids and our friends.  This season is about fun, things that are well-fitting and fashionable, and spending quality time with my family.  This is simply the piece of my wardrobe that completes my needs that I couldn't find anywhere else.  

I'm so appreciative of your support and hope you love our suits as much as I do.