LT Swimwear began out of necessity and has blossomed into an act of love.  

We create confidence-building swimwear to make you the best version of yourself in and around the water. LT Swimwear provides women with premium swimwear – and fabulous accessories to go with it.

We’re making a splash in the highly competitive market of swimwear, so we differentiate ourselves by being a woman’s trusted swimwear coach: We guide our customers with honesty, integrity, and compassion. They know we’ll get them into a suit that makes them look as great as deserve to feel.

Our swimwear is designed thoughtfully with real women in mind.  Not only do we need this for ourselves, we know it's a priority in your life.  Not thinking about how you look in a suit, but knowing you look good and can keep your focus on your friends and family and making those memories!