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The LT Guide to the Best Water Gear

Whether you approach summer with excitement, trepidation or a little bit of both - it’s more enjoyable with the right water gear to enjoy your day at the lake, beach or pool. 

As an avid swimmer, I spent most of my summers living in a swimsuit. From collegiate swimming at Auburn to preparing for Olympic trials to living in LA to working for Speedo, spending time in the water has been constant throughout my life. And now, I love sharing this time with my family as a mom of three - whether we are on vacation, at swim practice or just splashing in a neighbor’s backyard. I’ve found that our best memories usually involve some type of water!

My friends ask me all the time ‘what do you pack for the pool?’  I hope you’ll find something on this list to make your day by the water a little better.


  1. Speedo goggles at Target: These goggles are always my #1 recommendation - they are the best goggles at the best price. We always carry a few extra pairs because we’re either losing them or someone else needs a pair!  There’s nothing worse than not having a pair when you want them! You can stock up for the summer right now at Target or the beauty of a local swim shop, they will help guide you into some great goggles and even help you with fitting them on your face. 
  2. Supergoop sunscreen: If you haven’t spotted the blue and yellow bottle yet, you will. Supergoop sunscreens are mineral-based, pediatrician-tested and hypoallergenic, plus the spray bottle lets you apply quickly in between laps. It’s quickly become my go-to sunscreen, not to mention supporting an incredible mission.
  3. Sun Bum original sunscreen: My favorite reef-friendly choice and the smell is fantastic. If you are heading to a tropical destination, and especially if you plan to snorkel or scuba, be sure to pack a coral-friendly sunscreen.  If you like a little scent with your sunscreen, you can’t go wrong with the entire Sun Bum line.  LIFE CHANGING TIP:  apply with a make-up sponge for super simple kid application.
  4. Our Classic towel: Lightweight and gets softer and softer with each use, unlike a towel that seems to get crunchier with each use.  We use the small size for kids or for a quick dry off. Also super easy to roll and throw in your suitcase. 
  5. Speedo life jacket vest: I prefer this style since it gives kids more movement in the water while still being Coast Guard approved. It’s easy to get on and off and helps your child gain confidence in the water. Of course, always practice pool safety and supervise kids at all times. 
  6. Oversized hooded towel: After a surfing outing with a friend and her kids, she brought out these oversized hooded towels and her kids could change right there at the beach! No trekking to find the nearest bathroom. Just a quick way to change and be ready to go build sand castles or eat lunch. 
  7. Mesh laundry bag: Don’t forget to throw in your laundry delicates bag for your next beach trip. It makes the perfect seashell-finding bag since the sand and water drip out through the mesh. Also takes up no room in your suitcase. 

And there you have it. My picks for the best beach gear as we head into the summer season. 

What are your must-haves at the beach? I’d love to hear!

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