'Why are swimsuits so skimpy?!'

Something I hear all the time is 'I need a suit to cover me up'. Let me rephrase it for you - You need a suit that will flatter your body.
We all have those areas that we want to be a little different, but what if I told you that if you styled that area properly, you'll draw less attention to it and feel better about it? Would you at least try it?
Here are my top tips based on what I've experienced in my fitting rooms:
Embrace the high-cut leg.  When you cut your legs off (with fabric) at the widest part of your hips, it actually works the opposite of what you want.  It will widen your hips and make your legs look SHORTER!  Eeek.  
By pulling your suit up, it will create a nice diagonal (front AND back), I like the 45 degree angle, and your legs and bum will look longer.  The diagonal line draws your eyes up creating a longer look, and add the high waist that pulls in your belly, you get that lovely hourglass shape.  Let those hips show, mama!  They don't look at all like you think they do.  
Suits should be tight.  If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, buy your suits tight.  Of course, not to the point where they hurt, but where they're snug.  They relax in the water after the first wear (the nature of all Nylon/Lycra material) and with our high quality fabric, our suits will hold that shape for longer than traditional nylon/lycra.  
Mix and Match: Embrace the freedom to mix and match swimwear pieces. You get to customize the look to your preferences, and you can use what you have in your closet in a different way!  Mixing patterns, colors and styles is what the swimwear trends are all about right now!  Do you already own swim bottoms that you love?  Grab a new top in a fun color to mix with the black bottoms!  
Accessorize with Confidence:  Don't underestimate the power of great accessories to bring your look to life!  A sun hat, sarong, or those new sunnies can instantly update your look, take it from brunch to beach to dinner!  
Check out LT Swimwear and our amazing suits and pair with our towels, coverups and accessories.  

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