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Our 3 Favorite Ways to Store Swimwear

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You pulled out all your suits for Spring Break, grabbed the first few you could pull together, stuffed the rest back in the bin and you were ready for your trip!  Now that you're back, it's time to start taking a quick inventory of those suits from last season, or last last season...or maybe even longer than that!  

We've pulled together our favorite 3 ways for you to store your swimwear this season so it's easy to access, in great shape and ready when you need it!

1.  Hanging in the closet

If you have enough space, this really is the best method.  Whether it's on a command hook or on hangers, hanging your suits allows them to dry completely and keep their shape, specifically the cups and any cute extras.  Use shirt hangers for sunshirts, tops and one-pieces, a padded pant hanger or add a piece of felt to cover the clip area of the pant hanger to prevent creases in your bottoms.  

2.  Folded-ish in a bin

This may be the most common method - balled up, rolled up, folded in half, stuffed in a bin.  And we can confirm that it does in fact work, but can backfire when suits aren't totally dry as the color from bright suits can bleed and suits can get moldy if there isn't any air flow.  Be sure to hang them to dry, then drop them in.  Maybe keep the bin open so they can breathe a bit.  

3.  Folded neatly, stored in a bag

Now, for those of you that get joy out of neatly folded garments stored in their own personal container, this one is for you.  This is an awesome method for keeping things organized and making suits a grab and go.  You know exactly which ones are in which bag and can be ready at a moment's notice.  Labels on a bin make this even better.  Make sure suits are totally dry and fluff them often so they don't get moldy or the fabric doesn't bleed.  

To wash or not to wash

That is the question.  Taking care of our suits, aka: removing the chemicals that damage the fabric, will make them last longer and hold their shape better in the long run.  We suggest a clean water rinse after a swim.  The shower rinse as you wash your body and hair will do the trick.  Hang it up to dry and let it dry completely.  

If you happen to wear your suit in a muddy lake, river, or it gets stained and your suit is visibly dirty, toss it in the wash, gentle cycle, gentle detergent (liquid is good), and HANG DRY!  You should be set.  If it's still dirty, soaking it or treating the stain how you normally would is what you'll need to do to get it clean.  And always be sure to allow it to completely dry before storing it in a bag or other container.  

Happy organizing!

xo, LT

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